Hoku Acupuncture Andrea Miller-Iwiula MSA Lac is spectacular!
Andrea has helped me out tremendously! She is extremely intuitive and her treatments are very unique. This is not the “put the needles in and then leave the room” type of treatment. Andrea’s 5 Element approach is amazing and I highly recommend it. - Brad J.

Awesome Work
Andrea is a miracle worker. In my opinion, she has the best skills in the nation. I actually will travel 3,000 miles to go for a visit since I’ve moved to NY. Nothing else compares. Her ability to combine insight with her fantastic education and years of experience make this one an obvious choice. If you’re in the Seattle area you have got to go to Hoku Acupuncture. - by Nick S.

  • Pros: Highly Trained and Skilled, Insightful, Effective
  • Cons: She works in Washington

Healing Powers of Acupuncture
Andrea is a miracle worker, she helped me with some knee pain and I would recommend her to anyone - by jooz.

  • Pros: Best acupuncture in Seattle

Digestion and Poor Circulation
I have suffered through poor digestion for many years and had tried everything from detoxing, pills to changing my diet/exercise and nothing seemed to work. Under the suggestion of a dear friend I looked into acupuncture and thankfully found Andrea. I was nervous and a bit embarrassed to go into an office and share this personal dilemma with someone I didn’t know but upon meeting her that all faded away. Andrea was warm, inviting, professional and very knowledgeable. We began our sessions to work with poor digestion and in the process she discovered I also had poor circulation. Since receiving these treatments with Andrea my feet and hands have warmth and my digestive system works as it should. Thank you Andrea, I recommend you to all! - by tifferleethain

  • Pros: Warm, knowledgeable, professional, understanding

Healed Sports Related Injury
Years ago playing sports, I injured my shoulder which limited my range of motion, and resulted in (unfortunately) being able to “feel” cold days. Finally, I realized if nothing was done something more serious, such as Arthritis, would develop. On a suggestion, I went to acupuncture and luckily found Andrea. She was (and is) professional, knowledgeable, caring and understanding. Admittedly at first, I was uncomfortable with the thought of numerous needles (which are actually very small) protruding from me, but thru Andrea’s light touch and understanding she helped reassure me and calm me. Thru those treatments and her suggestions, my shoulder quickly healed and regained its former strength and range of motion.- by telltale12

  • Pros: Excellent Touch, Informative, Professional

Great for mommies to be!!!
I have never felt better then after my session with Andrea. She is so intune with women and really brought me a sense of peace. Thanks so much!!!-sas1014